Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR Monitor: A fantastic GPS watch review

Why the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak is the perfect gps watch for runners…

sport watch reviewThe Ambit 3 is built like a tank to withstand all the different kinds of abuse encountered on the trail and in the water.

The long battery life supports longer run times to accommodate marathon run and triathlons

The large screen presents vital information clearly when you need it the most……………..

features that make this one of the best fitness watches:heartrate monitor

  1. altimeter
  2. barometer
  3. compass
  4. GPS
  5. 100 meter water resistance
  6. 200 hour battery life
  7. allows you to see calls and text

Software and apps are reliable and customizable

the GPS tracking by all accounts is top notch and incredibly accurate and it only takes the watch about 3-5 seconds to find signal…… *****this makes it perfect for deep woods marathons******

…..the watch has a guided setup and includes tons of features enabling gps appyou to customize it in a variety of ways with a very stable connection to your smartphone.

links to workout apps to help track and plan workouts

comfortable design ensures that you won’t be distracted by wearing it whether you’re working out or just laying around the house

use it with Suunto’s workout app to get all of the features available

==> Get your Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR Monitor Running GPS watch now!!

the Bluetooth technology  allows the watch to connect to:fitness tracker

  • smartphone
  • Heart rate monitor
  • cadence sensors
  • bikes
  • other add ons


Ambit 3 peak sapphire

This is now my third ambit I started with the ambit2 silver then moved to the ambit2 sapphire. I found the sapphire edition the most robust on the market and looks the business. After looking at what’s available on the market I opted for the peak edition as it seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to mountain biking – mapping , speed heart rate and I especially like the daily health monitor – this really does show when you are just lazing about. Now I have a blue tooth connection that sealed the deal as I can alter my watch on the go.
The build is very good and so far very impressed.
One happy customer

Very impressed so far
I have had both the Ambit 1, 2 and now also the 3.
And Ambit3 delivers the rock solid experience that i’m used to.
Notifications on my watch is just what i need to keep my phone in the pocket, and together with the new app, it’s very easy to customize the watch.
Also the new function with daily activity is great, and also having the recovery available directly, without going into the logbook is perfect.
All in all, i would happily recommend Ambit3 to anyone i know !



Happy happy
Just got the Ambit 3 upgrade from the Ambit 2.
Like Steve Jobs used to say regarding the iPhone… IT JUST WORKS.
Need I say more??



2nd Suunto watch
Worn this watch on many runs now, always gives accurate speed and distance. GPS is perfect, always able to find satellites, usually in about 10-15 seconds and the accuracy is within a few feet every time.
Only complaint is I cannot figure out the activity tracker/recovery time. Running 6 miles a day and very active yet it still says “activity low.” Did not get the heart rate monitor. Also I have an android phone (until the Iphone6 comes out in a week or so), I knew going into this that the app was not supported, but it would be nice.
Great build quality, feels like a solid watch and looks great. Charged the battery to 100% nearly 3 days ago and right now I am at…85%, so not bad at all especially with using the features regularly.
If you are looking for a good solid watch, I would say you could not go wrong buying an Ambit3.

Q:where can I buy my Suunto fitness tracker?
A: You can buy find it on Amazon by using this link: Suunto fitness tracker GPS watch
Q: Does it come with a heart rate belt?
A: Yes, it does.
Q:Does the watch come with a power cable?
A:Yes it does